Argument in Favor of Measure L
San Mateo Union High School District


Vote YES on L to update San Mateo Union High School District high schools for outstanding student achievement.

We are proud that students in Burlingame, Foster City, Hillsborough, Millbrae, San Bruno and San Mateo receive a high-quality education. However, some of our classrooms and schools have not been updated in years and are in dire need of basic improvements and upgrades.

Many classrooms lack up-to-date learning technology necessary for today’s competitive economy. Technology has advanced significantly over the past few decades, yet our classrooms and labs have not kept pace.

Essential health and safety updates are needed. Outdated classrooms have aging roof and electrical systems, as well as walls containing asbestos. Security systems need to be updated to reflect today’s challenges and safety risks.

Your YES vote is critical to ensure all students in Aragon, Burlingame, Capuchino, Hillsdale, Mills, Peninsula and San Mateo high schools have access to the same quality education.

Vote YES on L for Strong Student Achievement

  • Repair deteriorating walls containing asbestos
  • Update classrooms, labs and academic technology to prepare students for competitive
  • Replace aging and inefficient electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems
  • Update fire and security systems
  • Provide updated classrooms for science, technology, engineering and math instruction
  • Locally-Controlled Funding for Local High Schools
  • Every penny stays local to support San Mateo Union High School District schools
  • No funds can be taken away by the State
  • Independent citizens’ oversight and annual audits are required
  • No funds can go toward administrator salaries

The longer we wait to make these updates, the more expensive it will be. Our District has delivered on past promises and we know Measure L is locally-controlled and will directly support our students.

Join local community leaders, elected officials, seniors, business leaders, teachers and parents in voting YES on L to make essential repairs and updates to local high schools.