Members of the SMUHSD Board of Trustees must show a history commitment to supporting public education, and driving results in the public sphere. They need to bring skills and experiences that align with crucial District and Board objectives, and be complementary to existing skills.

Commitment to Public Education –

Past, present, and future parent of students at San Mateo Unified High School District, and public high school graduate. My position as the Varsity Boys Lacrosse Coach at Burlingame High School give me a lens into the challenges and issues facing our students today, as well as a better understanding of future needs.

Commitment to the Community –

Chair of the Citizen’s Action Committee that led the successful effort to raise the funds in 2020 to invest $385 million in our school district. Met with local educators, parent groups, and associated constituents throughout the county, bringing together the coalition of support that was necessary for the passage of this measure. Served on multiple Citizen’s Oversight Committees, ensuring that money raised from the constituents was efficiently spent

Financial and Business Experience –

The District will be spending, investing, and allocating approximately $1 Billion in the next four years. As an experienced financial and business executive, Neal brings crucial skills needed to provide support, guidance and oversight to the SMUHSD budgeting and expenditure processes, ensuring that these programs are effectively implemented and administered, with significant public transparency.


Why Neal Kaufman for SMUHSD Board of Trustees


  • 20 year Burlingame resident, with past, current and future students attending Burlingame High School
  • Coach, Burlingame High School Varsity Boys Lacrosse
  • Coach, Board Member – Coyotes Lacrosse Club
  • 25-year business executive with significant finance background (professional experience and MBA)
  • Chair of Citizen’s Action Committee supporting San Mateo Union High School District Measure L
  • Currently serves on Citizen’s oversight Committee for Burlingame Measure I
  • Served on Burlingame Storm Drainage Program Citizens Oversight Committee
  • Co-Chair, ProtectBurlingame.org supporting Burlingame Storm Drain Measure